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Lockdown Strava Challenge


Hi, hope everyone’s exams went well

Just a little update to introduce our new Strava challenges. This February we will be running one overall challenge and a series of weekly fun challenges just to encourage everyone to get out and have a break.

To take part just join the Wessex Sailing Club on Strava to participate (link below)


Introducing our February challenge:

Score points to win the overall prize. Points can be scored as follows... 4x points per km of activity on foot (running/walking) 1x points per km of activity on bike

Introducing our Week 1 Challenge:

We want to see your best picture drawn by your route (bonus points for tagging us in a picture of you doing it)

In addition to this the university UBT Society are taking part in a nation wide distance challenge on Strava. We will be entering our total distance into their competition! There is a link to their fundraising page below to raise money for CoppaFeel - a breast cancer awareness charity that aims to create awareness among young people.

Hope everyone will get involved and can’t wait to get back out on the water with you!

Wessex love xxx


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