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Dinghy Usage Form

If you are looking to use an RS200 or Firefly not during one of our structured sessions, it's essential that you fill out the usage request form below, with at least 12 hours' notice to give our committee time to approve the request.

Please note that you must not pick up keys or use the boat(s) until your request has been approved by committee. You will receive an email to the email address on the form once your request is approved.

You must be inducted before you can use dinghies outside of our structured sessions. Please contact the Vice Commodore on to arrange an induction.

Please also ensure that you read the NOPs below before requesting usage. If you are borrowing a dinghy for an event, please note that equipment must be returned to the correct storage location (SSC for RS200s, Spinnaker for Fireflies and Watersports for race sails and road bases) after usage, irrespective of where you picked up the equipment from (unless advise to the contrary before your use).

If any damage occurs during your usage, or if you notice something that is broken, please make sure to report it on the Defect Form - this can be found at the link below and also on the dinghies and at SSC/Spinnaker. If you do not report damage (even if it wasn't you), you may be deemed liable and asked to pay. To protect yourself, we recommend you conduct a thorough inspection of the equipment prior to usage and report any defects before you hit the water.

Happy sailing!

Firefly NOPs - please read prior to usage

RS200 NOPs - please read prior to usage

SSC NOPs - please read prior to usage

Usage request form - 12 hour notice required

Defect Reporting form

SUSC damage policy - please read & sign

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