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What is SSW?

To put it simply, it's a holiday! We spend the week island hopping around the clear blue waters of Greece, doing as much or as little sailing, boozing and swimming as you fancy.
We will be releasing more information as we get it.

How much will it cost?

Prices start from just £375 for members! (Prices may vary each year) We have secured an early bird discount allowing us to get a great deal on all bookings before Xmas. For non-members there will be an additional £20 fee. Flights are not included in the cost and there is a small harbour fee upon arrival.

The Route

There are several different Routes and we will be picking one closer to time. This could be in Croatia or Greece!
At the beginning of each day you'll be told where you have to be and at what time, until then you are free to explore!
We can often be found tucked up in a little bay for lunch, exploring a remote island before heading off to our final destination for the evening.

SSW Website

Find out more information here.

Find our event on Facebook

We will update this as we announce information.

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