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Ladies Nationals...

2 cars with 6 sailors travelled from Southampton to Liverpool on Friday evening (probably closer to afternoon). The forecast wasn't looking good but they continued on the long drive.

Saturday morning showing up to the club house in West Kirby it wasn't looking good. Luckily most brought school work and were able to pass time doing this. Eventually racing was cancelled for the day so the fleet decided to go to the nearby boulder wall to grow those #guns.

Sunday morning and again... very windy (a seeming to be recurring theme this year) but the race committee was determined to run some races as most had travelled quite far. In some of the windiest conditions we have ever sailed in we were told to launch and after 1 VERY windy race we were sent in and unfortunately the racing was then cancelled for the weekend.

But not all was lost, the girls had a great girls weekend in West Kirby! Not quite the ideal spa weekend but close!

Big thanks to West Kirby Sailing Club for hosting, were looking forward to ladies nationals next year!


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