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Wessex take impressive 1,2 at Reading 2017

Southampton DOMINATED the game this weekend coming FIRST and SECOND at the Reading Wet Dream! This was our freshers' first event tutored by "the older generation" being split into two teams (1&2). To go to Reading for some competitive barking and circles in the water.

124 races (yes, that many) were sailed in the Round Robin in outstanding weather conditions, with the wind shifting between 8 and 15 knots with a very much appreciated sun.

N.b. do not be mistaken, it still was cold, we are in England after all...

Southampton 1- Courtney, Gus, Owen, Harry, Tom, Flore - won every race........ until the finals where they got absolutely smashed - for their starts- by our beloved friends from Southampton 2- Ellie, James, Peter, Kurt, Calum, Jamie (our former team captain back in the early years, thank god he was there).

We have not only had fun and excelled out on the water, we also had great fun back on shore: A nice warm meal, followed by a very pleasant and cheerful social dressed as angels (Southampton 1) and spiders (Southampton 2) which occupied us during Saturday evening and Sunday's early morning. It was once again, a good opportunity to show our sailing related skills where we won the boat race!

A massive thank you to the University of Reading Sailing Club for holding the event along with the Umpires and the other competing teams.

N.b. Be prepared, because we are back next week for Fleet Nationals in Warwick! Get Ready!


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