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Almost at Top Gun...

Last weekend a Southampton team (made up of a combination of our top team racers from two different teams) competed in The Top Gun Invitational Trophy, hosted by Oxford University, against 7 other top teams from around the UK and Ireland. A cold breezy day awaited, but this didn’t faze our mixed team who managed to finish the day on top with 92% race wins.

Despite loving a social, the opportunity to go home to some free food and comfy beds (provided by some very kind local family members) was too good to miss. And there were no regrets when on Sunday morning we all arrived feeling very fresh, and smug thanks to our unusually dry kit.

Sunday was again breezy but successful, as our team only lost 1 more race on the Sunday morning before all hell broke loose as the wind picked up to 40 knots; luckily none of our sailors capsized (although Jo probably felt like they did after Tommy decided to go for a quick blast and she was covered by about half the water from the reservoir…) After the squall brought through some rather exciting gusts and hail stones, it was decided that racing would move onto the best of 3 Final, with Southampton against Cambridge. Southampton managed to edge ahead by winning the first finals race, however Cambridge won the next 2 giving them the Top Gun title. Congratulations to Cambridge for the win, and all the other teams for some great competition! And a massive thank you to Oxford University Yacht Club for hosting another great event

This result puts us in an amazing position looking forward to BUSA/BUCS Finals over Easter!!

Photo Credits: Nigel Vick


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